About Us

The thought of my website inspired me as a songwriter, publisher, and author to work in every aspect with other songwriters who are interested and love the art of songwriting, helping each other to meet our goal and eventually see our vision come true in creating "Hit songs commercial potential lyrics."

This website will give the songwriter the opportunity for help to fine-tune their (Composition) "Lyrics" if requested.

LET ME PASS THIS ON TO YOU: A note about the DOJ's Consent Decree Review, and nearly two (2) years ago, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a formal review of this ASCAP and BMI "Consent Decree", and what stood out after they officially closed review. They quoted in their closing statement: "Without songwriters and their creative (genius), there would be no "Music", let alone an entire music industry" - January 15, 2021. Think about that, everything starts with songwriters, the entire industry relies on our craft. Imagination and the ability to combine music and lyrics in a way that other people want to hear.

This website will maintain continuous contact with up-dates on all new lyrics, MP3's, Mp4's and CD's, either on-site or information I receive from other songwriters and only with their approval.

We can make this a fun moment by keeping in touch with each other at any time, with anything by simply calling, E-mail or maybe meet in person. It's always best to sell your own works, nobody knows this better than the songwriter.

Let’s talk – Ed Butler,

"Competition is keen, but we can do it as a team"!