🎵 Music Sharing || Listen & Enjoy

🎵 Music Sharing || Listen & Enjoy

About Us

The thought of this website inspired me to work with gifted people of song writing. Sometimes, the lyricists needs somebody to lean on that have and love the art of song writing, helping each other to meet our goal and eventually see our vision come true! This site gives them that opportunity to fine tune their personal lyrics, to include listening to completed Mp3's. All Music Publishers are looking for that right song for their assigned artist. This website will always be open to all music publishers, management and artist.


This site will maintain continuous contact with up-dates to publishing studios on all new lyrics, MP3's or CD's, either on site or information I receive from other song writers through their contact information. I also have contact information for your lyrics to be set to music, as required for any music publishing company, with substantial savings to you, the lyricists.


I did a lot of research and cannot find a better deal. Also, I have contact with reputable copyright company, with immediate copyright "certificate", really good deal and this company is recognized worldwide. Again, researched and found a better deal.


We can make this a fun moment by keeping in touch with each other at any time, with anything by simply calling, e-mail or maybe meet in person. It's always best to sell your own works, nobody knows this better than the lyricists.


Let's Talk - Ed Butler


"Competition is keen, but we can do it as a team"!